Facebook and Internet addiction can have damaging effects

There are several kinds of Internet addictions you can see in people but one of the major is social media addiction. And that too with facebook actually has so many damaging effects. One major damaging effect is decrease in our attention and concentration span. In a research it is declared that since 2000, our attention and concentration span has been decreased by 40% which really is a point of concern.

This Facebook addiction is not less than a kind of disorder. In China, Taiwan and South Korea “Internet Addiction Disorder” or “Facebook Addiction Disorder” is already accepted as a psychological diagnosis. Doctors have been claimed that the internet ‘addicts’ who spent more time online have mo brain signs of “atrophy” in various areas of brain. They have got about 10 to 20% of smaller brain areas which are responsible for speech, memory, motor control, emotions, sensory and other information.

The United States in 2013, will mark internet addiction as a real disorder as well and then it will be called IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder). On an average day, most of the people spend 8.5 hours while looking at a screen and spend just 20 minutes for reading a printed page which does not has any harm except good effects.


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